Sheryl Romeo Real Estate is now REDM Certified!

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Sheryl Romeo Real Estate is now REDM Certified!

REDM certified professionals work with digital marketing plans, strategies and tactics to market your property to home buyers, generate more interest, and more potential offers to purchase your home.

When the National Association of Realtors (NAR) asked sellers like you “What do you want most from your listing agent?”, the overwhelming majority said help marketing my home and finding a buyer. 

So when you sign a listing agreement with a real estate agent, your agent is inherently promising you they have the necessary marketing skills and knowledge to promote your home.

Unfortunately, this promise is constantly broken because too many agents fall short of doing everything possible to help you get the best price for your home. Some agents just do the bare minimum, listing your property and letting a hot market sell the house for them. Other agents use antiquated marketing techniques they learned when they first got into the business… But the bottom-line is too often you, the seller, are shortchanged.

Not so with REDM certified agents! The Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) certification is an intensive training course for real estate agents that equips agents with a fundamental understanding of marketing and the latest online marketing skills, knowledge, and techniques.

When you work with a Sheryl Romeo, Sheryl Romeo Real Estate, you can rest assured knowing your agent has the skills to expose your home to as many buyers as possible and win the best possible price for your home.

The Old Way vs The New Way of Selling Real Estate

Over the last 10 years, technology has advanced at an astounding pace, and new technology has changed consumer behavior forever—and that includes homebuyers’ behavior.

For evidence, just take a look at these stats.  In 2014, NAR reported that 92% of home buyers searched for properties online. A study by Google in the same year suggests that the number is even greater at 97%. Perhaps more telling is that almost half of all buyers who purchased a home in 2014 found that home online.

This change has created a divide in real estate between agents who haven’t adapted and continue to sell real estate the “old way” and those who sell homes the “new way.”

In the “old way,” real estate agents marketing their sellers’ properties would simply put a sign in the yard, put a listing in the MLS, and hope that it sold. Even today, there are a lot of real estate professionals who think syndicating your listing on real estate portal sites is a job well done.

While that might be enough to sell the home (and in a good market maybe even sell over asking price), it’s not going to get you the best possible price.

Why? Because half of homebuyers find the home they purchase online, and if your agent isn’t actively marketing your home to buyers online, your missing out on a ton of buyer interest (and the more potential buyers your have, the higher the price of your home is pushed up!).

REDM certified agents haven taken a stand against “just doing enough,” and have committed learning “new way” of marketing and selling homes.  In the “new way,” agents execute expertly-designed marketing campaigns for your property, fully utilizing the latest marketing strategies and platforms, including pay-per-click advertising, social media, SEO, video marketing, and a whole lot more!


What does a REDM certified agent do that’s so different from other agents? Here’s just a small sampling of the skills you get when you choose to work with a Sheryl Romeo, Sheryl Romeo Real Estate.

  • Online Marketing Expertise

    The REDM certification course trains agents in more than just a few campaigns. Agents learn the core principles of effective marketing and how to apply them across various online marketing and advertising platforms. That means no matter what kind of marketing Sheryl Romeo Real Estate puts together for your home (online, print, or otherwise!), you can rest assured knowing it was put together with a thorough understand of what makes effective marketing.

  • An Expertly Designed Property Marketing Plan

    Through extensive testing, we’ve create a two-phase marketing plan proven to result in more buyer activity and a higher sales prices.

    The first phase consists of a “pre-launch” campaign designed to “seed” the market and put your home in a good position to sell. In essence, it creates a buzz around your property so that it hits the market with some fanfare.

    Pre-launch activities include creating a personalized landing page for your property, driving traffic to that page through Coming Soon Facebook campaigns, and a whole lot more.

    When the property is ready, the “launch” campaign begins. In this phase, agents announce to everyone that the property is for sale and start giving your property massive online exposure. That means pay-per-click advertising on Facebook and other platforms, video advertising, creating an online “story” for your property, and more!

    But the campaign doesn’t stop there… A good agent will constantly look at the numbers to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. If you aren’t getting the engagement you should be, they will tweak the campaign and re-launch to ensure you get the best results.

  • Facebook Advertising

    We’ve mentioned Facebook advertising several times… and with good reason! Over 1 billion people log onto Facebook daily and spend an average of around 20 minutes on Facebook once there.

    And of course, that includes homebuyers! REDM certified agents know how to reach potential buyers on Facebook, from targeting the homebuyers in your area most likely to be interested in your home to running ads designed to spark interest in your home!

  • Video Marketing and Advertising

    Sometimes, even the most beautifully staged pictures still don’t do a home justice. Think about your own experience searching for properties online. No matter how high-quality the pictures of the property are, the home often gives a much different impression in person (for better or worse!)

    Video advertising helps bridge that gap. Video can more accurately recreate the experience of walking through the doors of a home for the first time. You get a better sense of scale and of what it would actually feel like to walk around the home.

    What’s more, studies have shown video to be one of the most engaging forms of online marketing, meaning people who see a video of your home are more likely to be interested in it or buy it compared to those who just saw a photograph.

  • SEO Optimization and Best Practices

    There’s nothing worse than searching for your home on Google after it’s been listed… only to have nothing come up. This can happen for a number of reasons. Google’s algorithm is complex, and a number factors after how easy it is to find your property when searching for it.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques and best practices that make a website or webpage easier to find online, therefor increasing the amount of traffic the page or site receives from search engines.  REDM certified agents have been trained in these best practices, and know how to make sure buyers are able to find your home.


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